About TestoBay

Hey guys! (And girls? Why not!)

TestoBay is a website focused on men’s health, hormonal well-being and smart ways to boost testosterone production.

First of all, I’m not a doctor. And this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. I’m actually a civil engineer by trade. But health has been a passion and a hobby of sorts for me for the past 10 years.

For the whole of my twenties, I practiced submission wrestling. A great sport with its own risks. The biggest problem for me was the weight cuts. For multiple years I continuously ate too little and trained too much.

At first, I could handle it and kicked some ass on the mats. But when I graduated from college and moved into the workforce, my body started to break.

The stress from over-training, under-eating and work stress wrecked havoc on my endocrine system. When I finally went to a doctor with my weak and low-energy sensations, he did some test on me.

We found out that my testosterone levels were below the reference range. At first, the doc prescribed me to a testosterone replacement therapy with testosterone gel.

I did the gel for a month and at the same time started to read everything I could find on testosterone.

I discovered that the TRT would eventually become less effective and could cause infertility as well as potentially messing up my endocrine system for the rest of my life; these concerns made me quit the gel and go deep on natural testosterone enhancement.

Throughout the next years, I tried many things that worked and many that didn’t. But the bottom line was that it was quite easy to raise my T-levels to the top of the reference range naturally.

I have been writing about health for some years now but this website, TestoBay, is my first platform solely focused on men’s health and testosterone.

I hope you enjoy the read and get some good tips on optimizing your hormonal health!

Larry // TestoBay